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Never miss any of the exciting and informative events hosted by OREA for our members. This master calendar will keep you informed of the many opportunities we've created for our members to be involved with the legislature, annual organization events, key deadlines throughout the year, and so much more.



Annual Events Calendar


June/July 2017

August/September 2017

  • Mail newsletter or letter to members announcing first meeting and membership renewal for cash members
  • Work with yearbook chair and membership chair

September 2017

  • State Scrapbook Pages Due - Two (8 1/2" x 11") pages (front and back) = 4 pages total
  • Hand out yearbooks
  • Certificate of Delegate Election returned to state office

October 2017

  • Attend State Convention October 26-27, 2017 at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center, 6808 S. 107th East Avenue, Tulsa

November 2017

  • American Education Week is the third week in November. (Wednesday of that week is Retired Educator Day). Do something special. Celebrate!
  • Legislative Chair present and discuss legislative goals
  • Executive Committee meets to see how plans are progressing
  • November 1, 2017: Membership rosters due to state office

December 2017

  • Do a fun Christmas project that will benefit some segment of your community.
  • Nominating Committee begin planning for elections

January 2018

  • Invite legislators to a meeting
  • VIM project can be started

February 2018

  • February 1: Nominating Committee will present the slate of officers to be voted on in March. If you are not a carry-over president, inform the new president about committee chairs that must be filled before the District Workshop. The list of new officers and chairs go to your District Director and the State Office immediately after election. Have officers and chairs make plans to go to the district workshops.
  • Vote on VIM Honoree

March 2018

  • Elections
  • List of new officers to your District Director and state office immediately after election

March & April 2018

  • Attend Leadership Training Workshops (Not all districts have a workshop every year) 
  • Edna Donley Unit of Distinction Forms due to District Director

April 2018 (due to State Office April 1)

  • Volunteer of the Year Application
  • Community Service Project Application
  • Friend(s) of Retired Educators Application
  • Local Unit Newsletter Application
  • Volunteer Hours

May 2018

  • VIM Nominations, stories, picture, and $35.00 check are due to state office
  • Schedule speakers for following year
  • Begin work on programs and yearbooks
  • Install new officers
  • Hold necrology for deceased members

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