Legislative Goals

Some of the most important work OREA does is at the Oklahoma state capitol. Representing the interests of retired teachers throughout the state, our leadership and members lobby for retirement benefits like pension, insurance, and so much more. Working directly with our legislators, OREA is a respected advocate focused on achieving these far-reaching goals.

  1. Protecting and improving the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) defined benefit plan design for current and future retirees
  2. Achieving a cost-of-living benefits adjustment (COLA) for retired TRS members
  3. Ensuring adequate TRS actuarial funding, in part by opposing legislation reducing or eliminating tax revenues dedicated to the system
  4. Protecting the independent status of the TRS Board of Trustees by opposing consolidation with other state retirement boards
  5. Protecting, increasing, and improving the health insurance premium subsidy for retired educators
  6. Supporting adequate state funding for public education at all levels
  7. Enhancing the voice of Oklahoma's retired educators on the TRS Board of Trustees by establishing a permanent voting position to be held by a designee of a statewide retired educator organization having a minimum of 10,000 members who currently receive TRS benefits



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