SB 1569

On Monday, April 16th, the House Appropriations and Budget Committee accepted a Proposed Committee Substitute on the bill. OREA leaders worked with House Leadership, including the speaker’s office, and the bill is now amended to EXEMPT the Teacher’s Retirement System. THANK YOU to all who took the time to call or contact legislators to express your opinion about the bill, because YOU made a difference! Comments were made by the speaker’s and the chair’s office that they were “hammered” with phone calls. Your message to protect the TRS was heard. At the same committee meeting, the chair, Kevin Wallace, then laid the bill over, which in effect, means that most likely the bill is dead.

Thank you for getting the word out to education retirees and urging them to also take action. Our Teacher Retirement System is now on sound footing and any attempts by the legislature to divert revenues (as has been done in the past) would be counter-productive at this point. The soundness of the system is important for current and future retirees. Pensions work!

Now we can continue the momentum started this year in the legislature to provide a cost of living adjustment for retirees.

Please encourage retired educators that you know who aren’t members to join OREA. We are working every day on their behalf to protect and improve retirement benefits for ALL education retirees. Our strength lies in the number of our members and in the ACTION of our members—like you.

Be well.

Sabra Tucker OREA Executive Director

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