From the Executive Director,  Sabra Tucker   

Retirees need a COLA NOW! This is the message that we are carrying to the State Capitol. It is no secret that retirees haven’t received a cost of living adjustment since 2008. Since that time, the rate of inflation has risen over 16% and don’t even get me started on health insurance premiums and prescription costs in the last 10 years—at least 40%, and in many situations, much more. I’m sure many of you are growing weary from waiting—waiting patiently for the legislature to do the right thing and grant a cost of living adjustment.  

The Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System is now over 70% funded, and we certainly want this success to continue. HOWEVER, retirees need relief from rising costs of healthcare, food, utilities, and simply, daily living. We must keep communicating this message to our legislators—and we have a bill to tell them about. House Bill 2985 Gives a COLA to all of Oklahoma’s retirees receiving a benefit from the state’s public pension systems, including OTRS. Please contact your legislator and tell your story. Call them, write them, email, or text—whatever form of contact you prefer. Hearing from you, their constituent, will make the biggest impact.


Name District Phone Room
Hall, Ellise - Chair 100 405-557-7403 200
McEachin, Scott - Vice Chair 67 405-557-7341 409
McDaniel, Randy - Chair Emeritus 83 405-557-7409 438
Frix, Avery 13 405-557-7302 328B
Bennett, Forrest 92 405-557-7404 539B
Blancett, Meloyde 78 405-557-7334 510
Dunnington, Jason 88 405-557-7396 539
Goodwin, Regina 73 405-557-7406 508
Martinez, Ryan 39 405-557-7342 338
McBride, Mark 53 405-557-7346 433B
McDugle, Kevin 12 405-557-7388 242B
Montgomery, John 62 405-557-7374 304
Mulready, Glen 68 405-557-7340 200
Ortega, Charles 52 405-557-7369 305A
Perryman, David 56 405-557-7401 540
Proctor, Eric 77 405-557-7410 540A
Rogers, Michael 98 405-557-7362 302
Sanders, Mike 59 405-557-7407 205
Sears, Earl 11 405-557-7358 439
Taylor, Zack 28 405-557-7372 335
Teague, Tess 101 405-557-7395 329A
West, Kevin 54 405-557-7343 248B

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